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Driving safely is no easy feat.

If you’re a driver committed to staying alert, avoiding distractions, and following the rules of the road, we’re going to reward you for it.


Safeco: “RightTrack

By downloading the RightTrack app on your smartphone, we observe your driving habits and reward you for the safe choices you’re making on the road. Some specific behaviors observed by RightTrack include:

  • Braking
  • Acceleration
  • Night-time driving
  • Total miles driven (must exceed 125 miles total to be eligible)


Travelers: “IntelliDrive

IntelliDrive is a 90-day program that rewards your safe driving habits with great savings at renewal. You can earn up to 30% savings on your auto policy, with riskier habits resulting in higher premiums. New customers can get up to an initial 10% savings just for signing up. IntelliDrive lives on your smartphone and monitors your performance as you go. Simply drive as you normally would and receive a breakdown after every trip with details about your drive. Your speed, how you brake, and whether or not you engage with your phone are some of the variables used to determine your driving performance. Track your overall performance in the app and even compare your score with other drivers on your policy.


Nationwide: “SmartRide

SmartRide is a usage-based insurance program that measures your driving habits to offer a more personalized rate. You get more control over what you pay, and participating is easy. The goal is to help you make smarter driving decisions. You’ll earn an instant 10% discount when you sign up. The safer you drive, the higher the discounts you could get – up to 40%. Your driving trends will determine your discount based on 4 factors: miles driven, hard braking and acceleration, idle time and nighttime driving. Additionally, there is no cost to participate. Simply enroll, activate and drive!


Progressive: “Snapshot

Drivers can choose a device that uses telematics science technology to remotely monitor and collect data. The Snapshot device plugs into the car and records driving habits. Progressive also offers the option of a mobile app that tracks driving information. Either way, the system works much like other usage-based programs. Information regarding your driving habits is gathered and sent to Progressive. Progressive reviews the data, and insurance rates are adjusted accordingly. This discount could be up to 30 percent according to the program’s marketing. Progressive does offer an initial discount for signing up, and it promises up to 30 percent off after the 6-month review period is over, when your policy renews.


*Not all Telematics Programs are available in all States.  Please contact our office to discuss what will work for you.