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You are busy.  You have multiple kids doing multiple sports, plus school, plus life, plus that impending nervous breakdown you have been putting off…and then your car won’t start.  Time for that nervous breakdown, or maybe it’s time to use your roadside assistance coverage! 

The most famous roadside assistance company out there that I know of is AAA.  Many people have AAA, use it, and it seems to work for them.  However, did you know that chances are your auto insurance carrier has the option to add roadside assistance?  Well, they do and it is certainly worth looking into.  

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover? 

The same sentiment of “not all insurance policies are created equally” applies here.  Some roadside assistance options are better than others, and you should do your homework.  However, the basics of roadside assistance look a lot like this: 

Towing service providers will take your car to the nearest mechanic up to a specified distance (this is where a HUGE difference can show up.  Some only go 10 miles while others might go 200.  If you live in a rural State this is pretty meaningful). 

Battery jump-start service providers will restart your battery if it’s dead.

Flat-tire service professionals will replace your flat tire with your spare (this is attractive if you live in the desert and it’s July). 

Lockout service and locksmith service helps you get into your car if you’re locked out.  

Fuel-delivery service  – your car runs out of gas, and they bring you enough gas to get you to the next gas station.  

Extrication or winching service is the process of moving a vehicle when it’s stuck.  Think snow, dust-storms, mud, etc.  

These are the “basics” of roadside assistance coverage which most roadside assistance packages will cover.  Be sure to review your roadside assistance coverage very carefully, so you understand the coverages and limitations.  

Using your coverage. 

This is the most important part about roadside assistance, in my opinion.  Call your roadside assistance number to start a claim!  You would be surprised how many people Google “tow companies near me” and then spend an hour checking the reviews to find the “best” one.  Your roadside assistance company has already done this.  Simply call them, and they will get you what you need, and they will also be able to advise you as to what is covered, what is not, etc. 

The billing issues, claim settlements, stress, etc. are not worth it to go at it alone.  If you are paying for the coverage you need to call the number/use the app.  Think of it as a roadside assistance concierge.  

Make sure you do the research on what you currently have with your roadside assistance carrier, and be sure to compare it to your auto insurance carrier’s roadside assistance option.  You may be able to have the same coverage, for less money.  

Better yet, just reach out to us and we can do it all for you!