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Great Falls, Montana

McMeel Insurance HQ

Specializing in Federal Crop Insurance, Farm and Ranch Insurance, Small Business Insurance, and an entire suite of Personal Insurance Options.

Federal Crop Insurance

Federal Crop Insurance for Farmers of over 108 Commodities | Including Hemp!

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Revenue Protection

Mother Nature isn’t the only Risk Farmers face. Get protection from the dramatic swings in the commodity markets.

Whole Farm Revenue Protection

Diverse farms have a lot of exposure that the traditional Federal Crop policy does not cover very well. WFRP is a great option for diverse farmers.

Federally Subsidized

The premium is subsidized by the Federal Government. You do not pay 100% of the premium!

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Farm and Ranch Insurance

Insurance Solutions for some of the hardest working people out there.

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Leo McMeel always respected a Farmer’s risk tolerance. Every year they are risking everything they have on their output. We enjoy working alongside these fine men and women to help them maximize their potential.

Farmers of the Future

We have insured all types of farmers and ranchers over the years, and we are looking forward to insuring new kinds of farms and ranches in the future. As farmers and ranchers become more diverse in their commodities we will continue to be there to help.

Family Affair

A majority of our customers are family run businesses. Agriculture is a way of life, and for our family apparently insurance is too!

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Small Business Insurance

Insurance for people who own their own business, and are living the dream!

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Insurance for Your Business

You are the brains and heart behind your business. We get that, and we are here for you.

Insurance for Keeping the Lights On

Small Business Insurance to help you stay open when life happens.

Insurance for Protecting Your Way of Life

We get that your business is not just a business. It is your way of life.

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Personal Insurance

Insurance Solutions for you

Insurance for where you live

Some people own homes, some rent, some travel the world. Wherever you call home we have an insurance solution for you.

Insurance for your Ride

It doesn’t matter how you get around. Whatever your favorite means of transportation we’ve got an insurance solution for you and your ride.

Everything In between

You have more important things to worry about; like having fun! Let us worry about all of your insurance needs.

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Agribusiness Insurance

Crop, Farm & Ranch

We insure your Farm and Ranch from seed to sale, and everything in between | Including Hemp!

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Small Business | Owner Operator

Business Insurance

Protect your business with people who understand what it takes to be a business owner.

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Home Insurance | Auto Insurance

Personal Insurance

We have been protecting families for over 40 years.  We have a wide variety of Personal Insurance solutions just for you.

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McMeel Insurance Agency

Probably the Greatest Insurance Agency Ever!

We have something no other insurance agency!

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