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Need to Turn in a Claim?

Ugh. Claims. No fun. However, this is where it is time for the Insurance Carrier to put their money where their mouth is, and deliver a positive claims experience.

Stay calm. 

Be Patient.

Call us with questions.

The best, most efficient, number one way to turn in a claim is for you to call the Insurance Carrier directly.  They always need a statement from the named insured, so you need to be the one to call the claim in.

What we can help you with

We can confirm your Policy Number, discuss deductibles, give you additional contact information to help you turn your claim in yourself.  We are not the Insurance Carrier and will not make official loss determinations.   We leave it up to YOU to decide if you’d like to proceed with filing a claim.

Carrier Contact Info

We will continually update this page with the most recent Carrier Claim contact information. If you do not see your carrier on here please do give us a call so we can get you the information you need!

Safeco Insurance

Personal Lines

Nationwide Insurance

Personal Lines

Travelers Insurance

Personal Lines

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Nationwide Insurance

Travelers Insurance

Commercial Lines

My Insurance Company wasn’t listed?

We continue to update this page with the latest contact info we have.  Some of our Insurance Carriers do not have all of the tools the ones above do.  Simply give us a call to get the contact info you need to turn in a Claim.

I don’t want to turn in the claim myself!

We get it.  In the “good old days” we would turn the claims in for our clients, and then the Insurance Carrier would contact them.  What we have found is that when you turn in the claim directly to the Insurance Carrier yourself the claims process from start to finish is 20% faster!  That’s a big number!

You can still call us to discuss your policy, get more information, etc.  We are not going anywhere.  We are just trying to make the Claims Process as quick and painless as possible!

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