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Culver City | Los Angeles, California

McMeel Insurance Agency SoCal Office

Specializing in Small Business Insurance, Cyber Insurance, Earthquake Insurance, and an entire suite of Personal Insurance Options.

Small Business Insurance

From startups, to retail, restaurants, Commercial Property, Commercial Liability, we insure all kinds of Businesses!

Los Angeles Business Insurance
Insurance for Your Startup

You are a hustler. You make things happen. Let us handle your insurance so you can focus on growing your business!

Insurance for Service Industry Shop

Restaurant owners, bodega owners, retail shop owners, you name it, and we insure it.

Insurance for Commercial Exposures

Rental Properties, Contractors, Commercial Buildings, Truckers, etc. We insure all kinds of Commercial risks!

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Cyber Insurance

Unfortunately Businesses of all sizes are targets these days. We partnered with the best Cyber Insurers around.

Cyber Insurance Los Angeles
Insurance for Cyber Breach

You finally got your business in the cloud, hooray! You finally got your business in the cloud, omg! (frightened tone)

Not Just an Insurance Policy

People loath insurance. It is mainly a reactive solution to potential future issues. Cyber policies come with a suite of proactive services to help you get ahead of threats.

We Wish You Didn’t Need It

However, this is a low hanging fruit for hackers…small businesses where the owner is most likely the head of IT; as well as head of Everything else!

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Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake Insurance Solutions in a State known for their Earthquakes.

Earthquake Insurance Los Angeles
Earthquake Insurance for Businesses

Much needed coverage for your Commercial Buildings and Businesses.

Earthquake Insurance for your Home

Earthquake Insurance for your home that is more competitively priced then you would think!

Earthquake Insurance for you

Even if you are Renting your place, we have Earthquake Insurance for you!

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Personal Insurance

Insurance Solutions for you

Home Insurance Auto Insurance Los Angeles
Insurance for your ride

It doesn’t matter how you get around. Whatever your favorite means of transportation we’ve got an insurance solution for you and your ride.

Insurance for where you live

Some people own homes, some rent, some travel the world. Wherever you call home we have an insurance solution for you.

Everything In Between

You have more important things to worry about; like having fun! Let us worry about all of your insurance needs.

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Small Business Insurance

Small Business & Cyber

We insure your Business in both the physical and digital world to help protect you from threats, and keep your doors open.

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Earthquake Insurance

Personal & Business

Protect your home, your rental, and/or your business from damage resulting from an Earthquake.

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Home Insurance | Auto Insurance

Personal Insurance

We have been protecting families for over 40 years.  We have a wide variety of Personal Insurance solutions just for you.

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McMeel Insurance Agency

Probably the Greatest Insurance Agency Ever!

We have something no other insurance agency!

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