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“Sign here….”

Do you remember the old days when you used to ride a horse and buggy down to the bank, get out your quil, dip it in the ink, and sign on the dotted line for that plot of land?  Maybe not, but I bet you remember going to the bank to sign on your latest refi and/or mortgage.  

The financial services industry is one of the slower moving business models out there.  They still like paper and ink, and so people are used to that.  However, if you happen to have Probably the Greatest Insurance Agent Ever, you can use digital signatures.  

What are digital signatures?

Digital signatures are exactly like handwritten signatures, only they are digital.  There are a growing number of digital signature providers out there who are accepted all over the world.  We happen to use some of the best in the business.  

The pushback we get is typically not out of a mistrust of the digital signature itself, but rather the intimidation of trying something new.  Many people think the process will be too difficult, too time consuming, and out of their wheelhouse when it comes to the technology.  This could not be farther from the truth.  

The companies that we use for digital signatures have spent a small fortune to make the process as easy as possible.  You click “Sign Here” in the email you receive, decide if you want to draw your signature OR simply type your name (this is what I prefer as drawing is difficult), and that is it!  

The only caveat to the digital signature because it is so easy is to still read what you are signing.  You still need to review the application / contract to be sure it is correct.  If you find an issue, don’t sign it!  Instead, reach out to the person who sent it, and tell them what corrections need to be made.  Once you are satisfied with the document you are signing, then signing online is a breeze. 

Don’t be afraid to sign online.  It is very simple, and effective.  Just make sure you are reading what you are signing first!