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What Is Insurance Bundling?


Purchasing more than one insurance policy from the same company is a common practice known as “bundling.”  It can sometimes save customers money compared to buying homeowners and auto or other insurance policies through different companies.  This is also known as a multi-policy discount.  

All of our Insurance Carriers offer a discount for placing more insurance with them. Not only do you get a discount on your original policy, you also get discount on the policy you are adding. 

One of the many advantages to being an Independent Agent is that we can shop and compare all of your insurance policies for you. Sometimes it works out to “bundle” your policies, and sometimes it is more beneficial to have your homeowners with one carrier and your auto policy with another. 

This is something we have done for our customers for over 40 years!  

It should be noted that having all of your insurance policies under “one roof” is incredibly beneficial. Even if the “bundling” does not work out, we highly recommend placing all of your insurance with us.  There are many moving parts to insurance policies, and you need a licensed professional to look over them all to find gaps, duplicate coverage, savings, and more. 

If you are an existing customer, you really need to send us copies of your other policies. If we see everything is in order we will have no issues letting you know. Our priority is your well being. 

If you are not a customer of ours yet then you should reach out to us to begin a full review of your policies.