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It is very difficult to turn on the TV, radio, social media, etc. and not see an advertisement for insurance.  The large insurance companies spend millions of dollars each week just to get their name out there.  While this has made the consumer aware of all of these great insurance companies, it has also made insurance a commodity in the consumer’s eyes.  It is all about the price….

In insurance, there are many ways the policy gets delivered to the end user.  We will cover a few of those options in an effort to highlight why we are so awesome!  Yes, this article is incredibly biased.  At least we are upfront about it 🙂 

Direct Writers – these are the carriers that do not use “agents” to sell their policies.  They use call centers and/or software to make it happen.  Not all of these direct writer carriers are bad.  In fact, some are incredible.  I won’t name names either way…job security and all.  

The issue with direct writers is that they put all of the research, education, and expertise on the shoulders of the consumer.  You need to become an expert in how their policies work in order to purchase them.  This can lead to some incredibly large gaps in your coverage. 

Captive Agents – these carriers use agents, but their agents can ONLY sell their products.  Some of these products are fantastic, and some are not.  They tend to be very rigid in their coverage offerings, and their appetites.  This can lead to less than ideal coverage and less than ideal pricing as they do not have multiple markets to “shop” your coverage. 

Independent Agents – these are the best of the best, obviously!  They are licensed professionals with years of experience, and more importantly, lots of options.  Not only do they represent some of the biggest insurance companies around.  They can mix and match those insurance company products to get you a custom insurance solution at a fantastic rate.  Having access to multiple Insurance Companies allows them to “shop” options for you.  

The ones who are the best, dare I say Greatest Ever, will work hard to find you the best coverage at the best rate.  Will they always be cheaper than the other options out there? Of course not, but that is not the point.  The point is getting the best COVERAGE out there at the best rate.  The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is especially true when it comes to insurance.  

Trust a licensed professional that doesn’t work for the huge corporate giants.  Trust the licensed professional that works for you.  Trust an independent agent, and while you are at it…trust us!