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Client Portal

McMeel Insurance Agency

Our mission is to deliver a world class customer experience. We believe this secure client facing portal is another step towards making that happen.

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We sent you a Portal Link, now what?

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1. Click on Portal Link – Enter Email

You will have a link in your email to log into your Client Portal.  Simply click on the link to be directed to the Login Page where you can enter your Email Address.

2. Text or Email?

Once on the Login Page you can then choose how you want your one-time secure Login Code sent to you.  Text Message or Email.

3. Enter Code

Once you receive your Login Code simply enter it into the Login Page.

4. Fill out, Sign, View

You will notice three “tabs” – Applications, Documents, and E-Signature Documents.  Click through these tabs to fill out, view, and sign forms.

McMeel Insurance Agency

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We have something no other insurance agency!

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