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Federal Crop Insurance

Federal Crop Insurance for Farmers of over 108 Commodities | Including Hemp!

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Revenue Protection

Mother Nature isn’t the only Risk Farmers face. Get protection from the dramatic swings in the commodity markets.

Whole Farm Revenue Protection

Diverse farms have a lot of exposure that the traditional Federal Crop policy does not cover very well. WFRP is a great option for diverse farmers.

Federally Subsidized

The premium is subsidized by the Federal Government. You do not pay 100% of the premium!

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Hail Insurance

Standalone Coverage for Hail Storms on Your Crops | Including Hemp!

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Insurance for Hail Storms

Federal Crop does coverage Hail damage, but only if the damage is enough to lower the total Production below your Guaranty. Hail Insurance pays for Hail Damage, period.

Pick Your Acres

Unlike Federal Crop you can pick and choose the acres you want to insure. You can also vary the coverage levels and options. It is up to you.

Multiple Hail Products

From Basic Hail: 5% loss pays 5% to Top Half Companion: 5% Deductible then double your loss, and everything in between. Multiple Hail Products, and rates to fit your needs.

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Farm Insurance

``Take every penny you have, bury it in the ground, and hope it rains....``

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My grandfather always respected a Farmer’s risk tolerance. Every year they are risking everything they have on their output. We enjoy working alongside these fine men and women to help them maximize their potential.

Farmers of the Future

We have insured all types of farmers over the years, and we are looking forward to insuring new kinds of farmers in the future. As more and more crops are made legal to grow and harvest, we will be there to help.

Family Affair

A majority of our customers are family run businesses. Agriculture is a way of life, and for my family aparantly insurance is too!

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Ranch Insurance

Insurance Solutions for some of the hardest working people out there.

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I have yet to come across another industry so deeply ingrained in people’s DNA as ranching. We are here to protect their legacy.

Mother Nature

The weather doesn’t just affect the production for Ranchers. It affects all aspects of their lives. There is no snooze button for Ranchers. We are there to help make sure they have something to get up for.


Most Ranchers have one pay day a year; when they ship. We are there to be sure they are getting the most coverage they can for the dollar.

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Federal Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance

Federal Crop Insurance for over 108 Commodities | Including Hemp!

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Hemp Hail | All Crops Hail

Hail Insurance

Protect yourself over and above your Federal Crop.  Buy online direct from an Agent that can help.

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Farm Insurance | Ranch Insurance

Farm & Ranch Insurance

We have been protecting this time honored way of life for over 40 years.  Find out what you’ve been missing.

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